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I love Stacy Solow's custom shirts.  She is honestly one of the best designers that I have ever met.  Her attention to detail and professionalism is superb.  Stacy is organized and produces a great looking product quickly and cost effectively.  She designed a business shirt for me and I have to say that it is one of the most detailed and professional shirts that I have ever seen.  Not only does it fit me perfectly, but I saved money buying a shirt from her than going to a store.  I would recommend Stacy to anyone who needs a custom shirt!

            - Alex Hirsch


“When meeting prospective clientele in a meeting, I find that presentation is a key element in creating new business. Fortunately, Stacy has this same mentality and provides me with custom clothing that not only conveys professionalism, but also style.She gets to know you as an individual and thereafter shares her expertise to convey the image you are trying to achieve. Regardless of your occupation or type of event you are looking to attend, Stacy accommodates to each individual’s needs and does so with perfection.”

            - Brian Travers & Associates 

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