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No two people have the same measurements, yet when you buy a shirt of the rack, the dimensions are all the same according to the collar. So why settle for something that does not fit you correctly.


There are 14 measurements that are taken in order to create your custom shirt and all of them take the following into consideration.


Fit concerns:

  • Everyone has 2 different sleeve lengths

  • Wear a bulky watch?

  • Your cuffs need to be made bigger

  • Having square or rounded shoulders

  • Having sloped or square shoulders

  • Body or hip alignment issues

  • Large neck and thin waist

  • More room in the belly

  • Prefer more fitted shirts

  • Short or long neck

  • Fitness buff? You might need more room in the shoulders, back or biceps.


Custom shirts offer unique designs, choice of collars, cuffs, trim patterns, and styles. So when you want a longer or shorter collar, straight, round, curved, med. spread, wide spread or straight. How much tie space to you need? Do you want the bottom of the shirt to be round or square, or square with a vent? Do you want a certain color that you can not find in the store.


So, when you want to give the perfect gift, or impress somone consider making your first impression your best impression from the inside out.

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